domingo, noviembre 17, 2013

I am Marathon Maniac #2421

I signed up about 3 years ago after running my first two marathons in consecutive weekends. That helped me to meet the Marathon Maniac criteria and allowed me to get my first star, bronze level. At that time I felt it was very cool accomplishment.

I have progressed winning more stars since then. I have reached a fourth star, iridium level, by running 2 marathons in consecutive days and this year, my fifth star, ruthenium level, after running 3 marathons in consecutive days. It was when I started questioning myself what does that mean. Suddenly it was not making sense.

I have paid my membership fees on time but what I have received in return, well, not many things. When I signed up I received a singlet that I never used because it was undersized and I am not willing to pay $42.95 plus TAX and S&H for a shirt with a logo that to be honest I do not like much.

Every month I receive a newsletter by email that I do not read because it only has photos of races that I have never ran with people that I have never met.

I have asked two questions in the Marathon Maniac forum but only one was answered. Also, I have found a discount for a local race but I haven't saved more than $10 a year.

There are no special considerations when signing up for hot selling races like any of the Marathon Majors, at least not for regular members like me.

There is a database where members can enter their race results but there is no validation if information is accurate, one can enter whatever they like. Results are not provided by race directors or services like athlinks but entered by runners themselves. I can have the same information in my own blog.

When you find another Marathon Maniac in a race and you greet that runner, the first question that comes out is "What is your number?" Like if you were more special if you had a smaller number. Not me, I am not a number.

At the time I wrote this blog the number of members have surpassed 8,000. Someone is making money from us, runners. I promised never sign up for a race organized by Rock and Roll for the same reason and totally hate themed races. I wrote about it before.

I am Marathon Maniac #2421. So what? It does no make me a better runner. I plan to let my membership run out and do not renew next year. I have enough.

Sergio Garrido

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